Better sources of video tutorials for competitive programming.

Please suggest me what are the better sources of video tutorials for competitive programming.

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You can check out this channel by @gkcs on competitive programming.

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Check geek for geeks site here. Also, please check the Q I asked on “How To Advance Further in Competitve Programming” here

I gave links on where I practice coding and learn stuff. And yeah, it has lots of links, in the Q and also in answers. I hope it helps!!

Here are few good youtube channels:

Algorithm Live

“Sothe” the Algorithm Wolf


Petr Mitrichev

Road to target

ACM ICPC Asia-Amritapuri


Here is one of the best YouTube channels for any beginner : in which things are explained very lucidly.

This one is a great resource to learn a lot of algorithms short video tutorials and gives you a lot of idea about many basics and makes your foundation stronger

This consists of a complete course and a visit through almost all required data structtures and algorithms for participating in competitive programming . But you need to dig deep through it.

Here you can find a detailed description and in depth knowledge regarding all algorithms which are very important to have a good foundation as a good programmer :

The key to being a good coder is implementing the algorithms once you get to know them through a video tutorial on your own and then applying it some random questions on that topic from or any other sites like or .

Best of Luck. Happy Coding :slight_smile:


just practice questions. when you find a new concept, just google it. you will find tons of material on basic concepts. most of the standard algorithms like DP, greedy, graph are explained in some youtube videos.

follow these:

just search the concept that not comfortable with on youtube(thats where most the videos are).
these will be sufficient. but for implementation you have practice and read blogs and alot of codes.

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