Best way to learn c++ 4.3.2 pre defined functions ?


What is the best way to learn all the c++ 4.3.2 pre defined functions and the header files ?
Or Just the most used inbuilt functions and their header files ?

Thank you. this is the best website i know. it has all the stuffs that you will need.
hope you got it :slight_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I think you want to learn C++11, which is the latest standard of the C++ language. The C++ 4.3.2 that you see here at codechef just represents the version number of the GCC compiler.

The best way to learn would be to practice, and ask the difficulties (if any).

Look at others’ code and implement the built-in functions used in that code yourself in different scenarios.

sort, lower_bound, max_element, find are some common STL functions.

These things reside on your finger tips once you practice a lot.

Thanks a lot. Will do it. :slight_smile: