best video lectures for recursion

suggest some video lectures to understand and apply recursion as i am really finding iteration lenghty and difficult to apply in trees and other abstract data type
reply asap

Here is good example of Recursion.

That was fun. There are lots of good study material available on the internet related to recursion. Here are few of them:

Recursion and Iteration

The Great Tree-List Recursion Problem

Introduction to Recursion

BTW all renowned universities (like MIT, Stanford) have good materials on data structure or recursion for that matter, just go to their site and surf CS section.


please correct your link, its re-directing to this page itself!

please correct your link

pls need some more help

The link isn’t broken I was just explaining recursion :slight_smile:


thanks buddy

@argonaut: haha, good one :wink:

The video lecture in the above link is pretty useful.

In order to supplement your understanding,, has good problem sets.

@argonaut Nice Recursion in Codechef…