Best reference for C++ STL and advanced learning

Hi can you please suggest me a good book which helps me to understand the advanced topics in C++ which helps me in participating for the programming contests-such as containers, vectors, mapping lists, sets etc.I know browsing in Internet is a better option.But i am having some sight problems with my eye.So i cant strain much in front of my PC.Can you suggest some good books which includes example programs also?


I heard that Effective C++ will be a good option…
Is that true??

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check out this SO link…!!

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Go through this and find yourself a good book that suits your need.

For reference, the best book (for me) is by the creator himself The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup.

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website having complete material for learning C++ . @ bit_cracker nice suggestion (y)

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@kunal361:bro i told nah!!..i have some eye problems…Doctor adviced me too be in front of the computer.but if we have a book :slight_smile: we can study anytime know???
No problem for the eye…hehehe :slight_smile:
Anyway thanks Bro for the support

@bibinpreethy , @kunal361 : Haven’t you all heard of hard copy? Let me explain…Go through the links , get your printer connected to pc and take out neat outputs on white piece of A4 size papers. Cool eh ? :slight_smile:

@bit_cracker007…just went through the link carefully…it really is a good 1…:slight_smile:

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If you are asking only for programming contest perspective I will suggest three TC articles:

  1. Power up C++ with the Standard Template Library: Part I
  2. Power up C++ with the Standard Template Library: Part II: Advanced Uses
  3. A Crash Course in the C++ Standard Template Library (For a very quick reference)

If it strain your eyes too much you can always take the print out. I did that myself. Hope this helps.


hey i found this amazing youtube videos on stl in c++…

his website:

it covers mostly all basic stl concepts…

not found it covers mostly
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nice Post

If someone is C++ fan and want to learn C++ than he must follow the bellow website to learn C++ and enjoy the C++ Programs Posted in particular site.

C++ Programs And Projects

I did it from The C++ Standard Library. Chapter 6 is sufficient for learning STL.

The C++ standard library
Book by Nicolai M. Josuttis

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Try this for learning STL

Although I am not that good but still:
if you wanna learn c++ STL in depth
than in my opinion you should try the below URL.