Best place to practice and learn basics

I am looking for a site where the problems are structured in a sequence(Arrays, Strings,Number theory etc) such that solving them sequentially will help me learn basics and new concepts simultaneously like Codemonks.

Also I would like to know which one is better like practicing different tracks from Hackerrank, or a2oj or any other.

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@aniketsanadhya At codechef, you can filter question by tags (link) and you can sort them according to the number of submissions so as to do easy questions first and if stuck on problem you can also learn by the detailed editorials provided by codechef, and yes you can also do problems at a2oj, they have well defined categories. For algorithms, you can learn them from topcoder tutorials. You can also do problems at codeforces (link), they also provide filtering problems by tags and if you are getting WA after many tries then at codeforces you can also see the test case on which you code is failing.


Thanks for replying… One more thing, should I practice on Hackerrank? I mean, are the quality of problems there worth it?

As mentioned above by @srd091 , you can use that approach to solve the questions according to topics.

You can also use hackerrank where the problems are pre-divided. Although, the initial questions are easy, the quesitons level of difficulty do increase with further questions. Hackerrank is also worth a try. But, I think codechef has enough problems .

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@aniketsanadhya Yes, you can practice questions at hackerrank but usually their easy questions are too basic, so try practicing the medium level questions, so that you learn new algorithms and techniques.


Well on here

you can find form hello world to high level codes and algorithms. They are already solved and explained.
But if you want to practice use codechef and see practice problems try to solve them. see successful submissions this should help you.

Agree with pankajkhan, Hackerrank!! Go ahead and try it.

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Thanks again!

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I think is the best place for practice and geeksforgeeks is the best place for learning basic.

spoj consists of problems which are randomly organized. In spoj, you may start with primes but after five or more problems you may need dynamic programming concept and after a while, maybe graphs. So, I was looking for a site that teaches me step by step like Hackerrank.

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