Best editors and IDEs for programming

There are many different editors and IDEs available, like:

Code Blocks, Kate, gedit, Notepad++, Anjuta, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Vim, Geany, Dev-C++, C++ Builder, MonoDevelop, Nano, Qt, KDevelop, …
(and Delphi, FPC, Dev-Pascal)

Which one do you use?

Which one is the best?

I need an interface which has a good code completion.

C++ Builder is available only in Windows. Does anybody use it? Is it useful?
(C++ Builder’s editor is really powerful, but it’s compiler is not g++ or gcc. That’s my problem.)


I use C::B for C++ programs… as it’s editor has syntax highlighting, code completion, and line numbers. It comes with gcc by default and can be extended with a range of proprietary compilers if you wish to do so.

Notepad++ is also very interesting as it allows you to work on multiple languages at the same time on only one editor… The downside is that it needs to be compiled via command line and some people don’t like that extra work… I don’t… hence my “publicity” to C::B.

I am sure that most of the people here will have different opinions and preferences, but in the end, if it has the useful code completion and line indication numbers + a debugger, it’s a matter of taste, I guess…



The best editor for programmers is Vim. The graphical version is called gVim, and is cross platform. It is highly configurable, fast and robust.

So Vim(gVim) + gcc + gdb FTW!

EDIT - Below I compare other IDEs

  • Visual Studio is undoubtedly the best IDE, but in the context of Codechef I find it overkill. It is best suited for medium and large projects with dozens of files containing thousands of LOC. Plus it is not available for Linux – the preferred OS for many programmers.
  • Code Blocks is another decent IDE. Since it requires no configuration, it is the ideal choice for beginners.
  • Sublime Text is a great editor, but it requires some plugins to make it best. This one is comparable to Vim.

That said the best editor remains Vim.


gedit is the all time best editor. use it and u’ll love it…


Code Blocks for windows u will love it…


lol what?!
Have you ever try Visual Studio? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sublime Text is an awesome text editor.


I’ll give it a chance, this “multi editing” feature looks fine :wink:

Netbeans is perfect!


I prefer using…it provides good syntax highlight+online debugging and executing…hope this helps.:slight_smile:


u can use one of the most popular open source IDE eclipse for the same. You can configure it for any operating system (windows, linux…), u can configure it for various compiler(java, c++, c …) at a time :slight_smile:

I have been using this for quite some time. Just love it. Superb editor.

Good one for online code judging. I use this quite a lot too. But my preference is, write code in some editor in my system (I use Sublime Text 2), and then compile and run it online.

I agree… It is a matter of taste. I was also looking for some IDE (editor + compiler + linker + whatever the need be). But ever since I started using Sublime, I am happy with sublime + :slight_smile: (Occasionally, I use the terminal as well, for compilation and execution).

Try Eclipse + Vrapper (vim plugin) or Visual Studio + VsVim. Both are equally good and very mature IDEs which being used by many organizations. In term of debugging, no single IDE can be better than Visual Studio.


For C/CPP: Code::Blocks
For Java: Eclipse
For PHP: Notepad++

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As a fanboy :P, I use Visual Studio for everything (C++, C# and Python).

Try Sublime Text
and you will never ever think about any other

Even though I’m not a Microsoft fan, I’ve tried most editors and IDEs out there. While I’m a huge VIM fanboy, for pure debugging of C/C++, Visual Studio beats everything else hands down.

The latest VS Express is superb, support of C++11 etc.

Fantastic editor :slight_smile: