Best Coder

Who is the best coder in the world Currently,
I heard Gennady Korotkevich is the best…Is it so…Also, I want to know, IF he too codes on codechef or codeforces…?

Yes, he is the best. See the standings:



Also if you’ve followed individual contests like Google CodeJam, Facebook Hacker cup for the past few years, he’s winning those continuously!

Yes you are right Gennady Korotkevich is the best coder in the world right now.Most of the coders call him tourist.He is the highest rated user on codeforces and codechef. And also he won all competitions like ACM-ICPC,Snackdown,Google codejam and Facebook hackercup. Also see his ranks in recent hackerrank contestsalt text.

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Does Gennady has a proper Formal Coaching of Coding…or he is just Intelligent…??

I would say… You should follow his wikipedia link to know more about him. I don’t know why, but I am feeling very weird the way you are asking this question. I mean, When you used really and has a proper Formal Coaching of Coding…or he is just Intelligent…, it feels more like sarcasm or taunt than question… :confused: I don’t know If I should say like this but are you even realising how big it is… BTW yup you are right, he is not only best coder but he is maintaining his position there since long time which is more bigger deal to me atleast…