Best book for C++ STL Library.??

I want to learn some inbuilt function and their proper syntax in C++ provided by the STL…!
please suggest me a link or a good book which emphasises on specially STL and inbuilt functions in C++ as it really helps in solving questions and enhances the execution time of the program.!

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No need for any books :slight_smile:


AFAIK C++ doesn’t have inbuilt functions. The functions are provided through libraries.

Apart from C libraries (like math), C++ has STL.

A free and online book for learning STL, and more advanced C++ is C++ Annotations.

BTW, @back2basics, has said it right that you don’t need a book for STL. Just Google for some container or algorithm and first few links will direct you to either C++ Reference or

Also there is a tutorial on Topcoder for STL

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