Bengali Blog For Bengali Speaking programmers

Understanding something in one’s mother language is always easy and long lasting. For that cause, I’ve started writing a blog for competitive programmers in Bengali. Here’s the link:

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There is a vast amount of Bengali speaking programmers from both West Bengal(India) and Bangladesh. I hope it’ll help all those programmers who speak in Bangla!

To get updated about the new blog posts you can also follow this facebook page:

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You can also suggest me topics to write on them!

Great Initiative.

I would suggest you write on Trees and graphs because most of the time people don’t understand these topics clearly. If these topics will be in the local language that would be great.

Hope you find them of any value.

(PS: I’m not Bangla speaking so I’m not sure whether you have written about them or not!)

thanks for the suggestion! I have written some tutorials about graphs. I will surely try to write on Trees!

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