Beginner doubt may long challenge

On the competition page it is given that the scores during competition are partial (20% test data)…
and solutions will be rejudged. I wanted to ask what about the time limit???
what if someone’s solution passes the 20% test data in time and it gives TLE for the whole test data.


The partial test data thing is only concerned with the Challenge Problem (the one used to break ties).

If your solution somehow passes the 20% test data, but, gives TLE on the total amount of the tests, then you will get a TLE as your final submission… However, as far as I know, this is quite hard to happen, if not impossible at all.

What’s more likely to happen (and generally happens) is that the approach you took to optimize your code for the 20% of the test data might not cover all the cases and as such your points might go down in the end. (or maybe even up if you exploited a property that was not very much covered in the 20% but it is covered in a larger of the remaining 80…)


thanks for your help!!!

I think, that @kuruma is not correct here…

Your solution is tested with all, let say 20 files, so it is guarantied that if you have accepted solution once, it’s ok when rejudged too :wink:

The 20% score thing is just to discourage some contestants to try to adjust their approach to test data…

@aniket20 , @kuruma : Yes the partial scoring is applicable only for challenge problem .

But as far as i know every submission you make on challenge problem is judged on all the test cases and if you get “Wrong Answer” , “Runtime error” , “Compilation Error” or “TLE” in any one of them then you will receive that verdict immediately . In case you receive your preliminary score ( on 20 test cases ) , you can be sure your program ran fine on all the cases . At the end of contest all your "Accepted" solutions will be rejudged and this time score shown will be of full 100 test cases .

So no need to worry .

The only case where you may have verdict different than a “Accepted” verdict at the end of the contest can be when you are using random numbers and during rejudge something unlucky happens for you . This is not a very likely case .

@admin may throw more light on this .