Beginner at TOPCODER: How to get started??

as codechef and hacker rank have GUI any beginner can find old problems and coming,present and future contest,forum and much more easily…but at TOPCODER,find algorithm archive problem to solve and submit on judge is very difficult…
please provide some links or some tips and advice to get started with topcoder…

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I got some useful links here…

add more links to easy to get to know about topcoder…

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Submitting a Problem on the is really tiring job.

So Topcoder has understood this problem a short time ago and they have launched the Website Arena along with the Old Java GUI

Now Comes starting with Topcoder Problems!

  1. You have already listed the Solution in your own answer. No other way to go better in Topcoder!
  2. Just appear in the SRMs in Topcoder and try to solve Div 2 250 & 500 pt problems.
  3. When not in SRMs you can look through any Random SRM Archive from the arena itslef from the Practise Section and Practise With Them.
  4. Last and the most important pt -> Dont take problem solving as your Duty! Take it as Fun!

Thats IT!


Refer to the answer by Akulsareen at