Banking Problem

A bank accepts fixed deposits for 1 year or more and the policy it adopts on interest as follows
Q1) if the deposit is less than $2000 and for two or more years interest rate is 5% compounded annually
Q2) if the deposit is $2000 or more but less than $6000 and for 2 or more years , the interest rate is 7% compounded annually.
Q3) If a deposit is more than $6000 and is for 1 year or more , the interest rate is 8% compounded annually.
Q4)On all deposits for 5 years or more, interest is 10% compounded annually .
Q5) On all other deposits not covered by above conditions, the interest is 3 percent compounded annually .
Given the amount deposited and the number of years , write a program to calculate the money in the customer’s account at the end of the specified time.
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y do u want us to do ur homework!!..put in some effort…code a bit…if u get stuck somewhere then ask…dont expect entire codes!!

@akshayawachar: dude pls try to do it yourself…If you are stuck then you post your code here…
Some one will help you…Or i shall help you…but if you are not atleast makling a try then you cant improve as a programmer…:slight_smile:
I am not writing to offend you…But try buddy…Hope you understand what i meant…
You will get an answer if you make a try…:smiley: