Automate OpenOffice

Hi everyone! I’m starting programmer. I have a task to automate OpenOffice, to create Calc reports on fly. Can anyone can help me? Ready code?

I think this is not the right place to ask such a question as it oriented more towards competitive programming. You can try posting it on Stack Overflow and other forums


I can’t help you with ready code…

But, afaik, OpenOffice uses Python as a “backend” language for Macro writing…

So just check on how to integrate Python inside OpenOffice Calc and you’re done :smiley:

It’s super easy to iterate over cells or create automatic tables/functions once you know how to use it…

Good luck,


As I understand, you need to automate OpenOffice. I can advise you three variants:

  • using original OpenOffice SDK
  • using OOLib
  • using LibOpenOffice (I’m using it)
    At first time i tryed to work with OO SDK. But there are no working samples and it was too difficult. That’s why i’m using LibOpenOffice.