Authorization not working for users other than the one whose client_id is used

When I make a GET call to using request of the following format\_type=code&client\_id=your\_client\_id&state=xyz&redirect\_uri=

I am asked to authorize the application when I am logged in with my CodeChef account but when some other user logs in, the authorization page is not displayed. It just doesn’t display anything. The above url doesn’t load anything at all.

Is it that only the user whose client id is used is allowed to authorize the application or is there an error at my end? Any help would be highly appreciated.

Also, I request the other participants to try to authorize their application with someone else’s account and see if they face the same problem.

@rounak217, when using test app, only the user who has created the application will be able to authorise. Use the main app to authorise other users.

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