Augustus LunchTime vs AtCoder Grand Contest

The Augustus LunchTime clashes with the AtCoder Grand Contest 019. It would be very good if the LunchTime could be delayed by 1 hour, so people can participate in both. It would be good for CodeChef also, because writer of the Grand Contest is tourist, so probably lots of people would choose that, over LunchTime.

@admin could you please consider it?


Yep correct!! I remember there were almost 1.5~2x participants on Codeforces contest when the setter was tourist xD

We discussed with AtCoder admin about the possible resolution of the issue by rescheduling their contest half an hour before, but it was not possible for them as some people might miss the contest. We have agreed that in future, we will avoid such collisions. The current Lunchtime contest won’t be delayed due to this. One of the primary reasons is the predictable timings of the contest that we have chosen over time. Communication emails regarding the contest have already been sent. Also, the reason mentioned by @vijju123 about school students is one of the main reasons.