Asymptotic Notation

Hi Everyone.

i have 3 doubts.

1)Are there any O(1/n) algorithms? (Or) which is less than O(1)???

2)In one of the MIT lecture it has been said that “Normally, even when people talk about O(g(n)) they actually mean Theta(g(n)) but technically, there is a difference.” … but is there any specific reason for this?

3)What is the difference between size_t and int and when & where i have to use size_t instead of int?


@saiavinashiitr size_t is used when the size of the return type is not known or when you are not sure about the size of the datatype

@saiavinashiitr No it is possible to exist some algorithm which has complexiy less than 0(1)!!
Just checkout this link


Interesting. Thanks for the link.