Asking for cornercases of ongoing competitions?

Meta question, is it allowed or not allowed?
In my opinion, it should be, anything which helps people figure out where their output is failing is beneficial, I personally do not like the style of hiding logic through obscurity and consider it in bad taste, yet some CodeChef challenges choose to do this. A good problem should be solid to solve by itself and literally every problem setter realises this (albeit not all of them).
Case in point: Google competitions, Kaggle, etc. allow a good amount of details to be given wrt how the output is scored, and some allow solutions as well (but that’s not beneficial in the case of CP)

According to me, if corner test cases are given to you, then most of the time it becomes very easy to solve a given problem. You get more satisfaction when you think over a problem for days and come with with corner test cases. This helps you develop your logical and thinking skills.


Asking for corner cases etc comes under “discussion” of problem and is a violation of rules, which can lead to ban/account blocking and/or rating penalty if found guilty.

I completely agree with, @akash19jain, You really get a lot of satisfaction when you come up with something on your own,
for example, I wasn’t able to solve CHDIGER on the first day.
So I tried again the next day and found many corner cases and loops in code, finally now after trying for 7days, today I got the 15th Wrong Answer warning for the problem.

Yep, haven’t been able to solve it yet! So don’t feel bad, what matters is your dedication and perseverance which is sure to increase Keep at it, Start afresh if you have to, and you are surely bound to discover something you hadn’t earlier!


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