Array Initilization

Hi all, my question is that

int a[2]={0};
output is o

but if i do
int a[2];
output is a garbage value on g++ ubuntu 10.04

in both case’s it’s partial initialization of array’s then why different output’s???

When you initialize

int a[SIZE] = {0};

The compiler initializes all the elements to zero, not just one.

And when you specifically initialize a[0], then obviously a[2] was not initialized yet, and hence garbage value.

P.S. This works only when you initialize with 0.

If you write

int a[3] = {1};

Then only a[0] will be initialized to 1, and rest zero.

Experiment more with initializations, and make yourself clear! :slight_smile: Ask doubts, if you fumble again.

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only the array elements gets initialised and the other elements are set to NULL or zero
for eg.: int a[10]={1,2,3,4,5}
where a[0] to a[4] gets initialised to values and from a[5] to a[9] are set as zero or NULL