Are you born with good programmer skills or you acquire them?

What do you think?


I think it comes with practice and hence can be acquired.

No one is born with programming skills! Some people just learn it faster than others… And you’ll see that most of this people love doing it. With time they become very good because they practice a lot… And learning speed doesn’t matter, as long as you practice it with enthusiasm you’ll go very far.


I feel ,some are really born very talented with sharp brain…and thats why they are exceptional in some or other fields…those who are born genius with great logical brain are the exceptional coder …but yes no one is born with good programming skills…we only gain them…and it solely depends on how much you practice and read book…but yes those who are exceptional coders …they are born talented and possess outstanding brain…:slight_smile:


Its the learning skills that people are born with, not skills. Like there are numerous ways to read a book. You can just read it and don’t understand it, you can speed read it grasping only the most important information.

There are many other skills this way that are so basic in nature that we usually ignore them but actually these are the skills that matters most when learning a big skill such as programming.


Definitely not. I was never good at programming, then I started really seriously trying on problems of increasing difficulty from Slovak ACM preparation, and I gt a crazy upgrade :smiley:

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Ive been asking myself the same question…

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