Are we really competing against someone in 'CodeArena' of Hackerearth?

I’ve recently started participating in the ‘CodeArena’ 1-to-1 fight. However, not a single opponent has ever managed to submit even a partially correct solution in any of the fights I’ve participated in.

Some days ago, while ‘fighting’, I saw my opponent compiling his code and then submitting it only to get a WA in all the test cases. The problem was far too easy to get a WA. I tried to locate his submission after the fight, but couldn’t find it.

My suspicion increased when I looked into their profiles. All of them “hasn’t added any details yet.” Each profile name has the syntax: <first_name><last_name>, sometimes followed by another and/or a random number.

Eg. Yesterday, I fought against someone called Niranjan Kumar ( Problem was Choosing the Judges; a standard DP problem. My opponent compiled his code, then submitted, and obviously got a WA.

alt text

After contest ends, I find the problem, view the “All submissions” page and… Wow, my opponent is non-existent.

alt text

I admit I am new in Hackerearth, and I must not bluntly accuse someone; but am I really missing anything?


I can not tell if every account is legit but I remember losing to an opponent once, I just missed some minor edge case and got WA in a few test cases, so after the arena fight ended I had a one-one to conversation with the opponent in inbox about what I missed.

Here is a screenshot of the conversation(I have hidden the name of the sender for obvious reason)

![alt text][1]

But then again this is just one case, I too have my suspicions for the exact same reason, of the matches I have played I lost only one of them and rest were either wins or draws(and this is considering that I am bad at Competitive Programming, so there is no way I could have won most of them). So, are those accounts legit or just some bots playing around? I don’t know but hope someone can put better insight.


I think there are some bots competing against us. I just looked into my fight history on CodeArena. I have had 9 fights till now and 6 of the opponents have their name as per the syntax you described. Also, I looked into the submissions on the problem page and their submissions weren’t there. Also, none of them has a profile picture and they haven’t submitted a single solution yet according to their profile. I have won 5 fights and all of them are against 5 opponents out of these 6. The fight against the remaining 1 out of these 6 was a timed out. For the rest 3 opponents, they have at least some information on their profile and their submissions even show up on the problem page. Also, none of those 6 opponents is following anyone but 4 of them have some real followers. Strange!


18 fights, and I still haven’t encountered a single coder, whose username doesn’t follow the syntax…

I recently fought with someone. When i tried to check their profile , this is what i saw.Person's profile doesn't exists !

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Hey, wait… There should be an ‘@’ before ‘mukul.chandra’

Still, no details filled…:frowning:

yeah I have same doubt as I never lose any match on code arena

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Most of the time its bot,but we do get real coders sometimes(i got hemant once(obviously lost to him :slight_smile: ))

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Wow, so even getting paired with a human opponent depends on luck !!!

yeah,i also noticed that today :frowning: