Are there any plans to add C++0x ?

Are there any plans to add C++0x to the supported languages? I’ve been using C++0x and it’s much better than plain C++.


Completely agree with you. We do need C++0x.

What I am missing most is-

  1. auto - Makes working with iterators so much easier.
  2. Range based for loop
  3. abs for long long
  4. Unrestricted unions

Other useful features-

  1. Strongly typed enums
  2. Regular expressions

And few other things I don’t remember.

So the support for gcc4.6 or even better gcc4.7 is required.


As the standard was ratified two years ago it is now known as C++ 2011 or just C++11.

CodeForces has C++11 support. TopCoder doesn’t yet.

It depends on which compiler and distribution they are using. The C++11 support only got good in GCC around version 4.6. (4.7 has better support. They are now working on 4.8).

If they are using an old distribution on the build servers than it will be hard to manually install a newer toolchain.

Anyway, I for one really want C++11 support. It has a number of useful features and new std library that are useful both in programming competitions and in software engineering in general.

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