Are the August Challenege 2017 ratings updated?

I don’t see August ratings in the bar graph in my profile although I see my ratings reduced.

Yup… August Ratings is updated I guess… But it’s not reflecting in graph yet… I hope same happened with others too…

They have written this on August Long Page…

18-Aug, 16:00 AM IST The rankings shown in the rankings page are final now. The ratings will be updated in a while. However, we will update the ratings again after running the program for checking copied solutions, cheatings etc.

Yes, same here

It takes time for reflection in graph. The ratings were, otherwise, updated hours ago :smiley:

Not usually. Generally ratings changes are reflected in the graph instantaneously.!

Wasnt the case since july cook-off. Was lunchtime immediately reflected in graph?

Though a late reply, rating change is now reflected in the graph!

my rank was lower this month then the previous month, then how did my rating increase by 10?

It was better than your expected overall performance.