Are people like Gennady, Mugurelionut , Petr all born programmer? How can normal students catch upto them? what should we do to excel in this field ?

People like Gennady, Mugurelionut , Petr are the sensation in competitive programming world. Especially Gennady now a days is just blowing off everyone in this field. Only at the age of 11 he won gold in ACM. How is that possible means at that age we are learning 3rd grade subjects like basic mathematics, science. NO computer science there. are they guided towards this stream from there early childhood. Or they are born with this talent :stuck_out_tongue: .but seriously what an average student like me should do to become good in programming.please suggest something so that i can become next Gennady or Mugurelionut.:stuck_out_tongue: (just kidding ) i know that I CAN NEVER BECOME LIKE THEM. :-P.

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+1 Same question…except next Gennady or Mugurelionut part… :stuck_out_tongue:

It is simple.
It somewhat depends on every person’s brain, but the maximum credit goes to, and what I would advise is :


There are no short cuts..

They are guided towards this field from their childhood by their parents who are also programmers.
So it depends on the environment that they got.

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yes this is really one of the most important factor i feel…

It is also highly dependent on your concept of “excelling at a given field”.

I know that not even in the next 3/4 years I’ll come close to solve all 10 problems of a contest… Because I’m not a natural at this and while I truly enjoy it, algorithmic competitions require a very narrow mindset and lots and lots of hard work and training and also guidance.

I don’t have any of those things maybe except for the mindset…For me, helping my classmates with my algorithms project is already a success for me…

So, it all depends on what you define for yourself as excelling :slight_smile: