April17 Long

@admin my rank is not getting updated . My score is 425 but ranklist is only showing 400.Please see.

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Same problem is happening to me.

Wait for some time…it be corrected in next cycle of updation.


It happens during long challenge…but don’t worry.

lets see…

If problem still persists…write them at feedback@codechef.com

It happened last time too, and it got resolved within 1-2 days. Your scores and real ranks are recorded and most probably its just a visual glitch due to overload on servers.

Same is the case with me. My total current score is 510 but it still shows 410.
Hope the glitch gets resolved soon.

UPD: Well mine got resolved!

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. There is an issue with the ranklist, and we are working on fixing it ASAP.


@admin my rank is not getting updated . My score is 400 but ranklist is only showing 345.Please see.

Thanks for updation. Please fix it asap :slight_smile:


still there is some problem with ranklist…my score for problem CLIQUED is not getting displayed.

It happens with everyone, don’t worry. Wait for about 1 day. Till then if it doesn’t update then report. Though it usually should update within an hour.