April LOC 2017

May I ask some query for this ongoing contest as it’s unrated?

If you have any doubt regarding some question then you can post a comment below that question, not here.


If the contest is giving out any form of appreciation in form of prizes, privileges etc. , then no, you cannot ask your query if the contest is on-going.

Only if the contest admin himself states in rules that “Since the prime aim for this contest is learning, you can take help of your friends…” or any other equivalent statement.

EDIT- Check the rules–

Discussing CodeChef's problems or any aspect of problem, on any other platform on web, on identification, could lead to disabling of respective account and banning from the community.

You can seek clarification using comments under the problem.


Yup. This needs to be strictly followed.

No,you cannot ask any questions regarding ongoing contest here…but you are free to clear your doubts in comment section of a particular problem as @vijju123 has mentioned

Also,to improve your skill should be your aim…whether contest is rated or not:)

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Ok…now it’s clear