April cook-off

Contest Details:
Start Date: Sunday, 23rd April, 2017 at 21:30 HRS (IST)
End Date: Sunnday, 24th April, 2017 at 00:00 HRS (IST)
Can anybody chandge to monday? Thank’s!


Change to Monday? Oh you mean 00:00 Am Monday?

alt text

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sure or suNday!

Mainly because it clashes with the rated contest on Codeforces which will going to be held today at 10:05 p.m. (India time).

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Nope,i’m about date, “sunnday 00:00”


I think, it’s monday

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Somebody please upvote me as I need karmas to ask questions


Here you go

time and date for Codechef contests are fixed.You cant change it.

sunnday? I think it’s not correct!

@glebodin yes I have mentioned in my post. But no one has seen it. If you can just upvote it then people can see clearly!

nope ! neither of them are going to change the timings . it’s all upto you which of them you are to appear …

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yes it can be changed to monday next month not this.

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This thread is really…idk what to say. Half of people have misconception that hes asking them to change date, and he is asking to correct the spelling of “Sunnday” to “Sunday” or change to “Monday”…


@vijju123 Hahaha I am trying to say the same thing. My answer was right down, so no one could see it!

@ankush23 I´m in the same dilemma, one contest or another. LOL

There is one happy thing around this… I remember about ten years ago, waiting a whole week for some programming contest in some rare Chinese/Russian online judge, in order to get some train or just have some fun programming (yes, programming could be fun)… it was maddening.

Nowadays, there is a lot of online judge, for many kind of programming skills … and sometimes (like today) we have this great dilemma of having to decide in which competition to take part… it´s really more easy to train/learn than ten years ago… thank to this and others online judges :smiley: !!!

PS: making clear I´m not an old man, just 30 years :slight_smile:


Ha ha ha! Lol

Lol, I didn’t read that, I just read, “can anybody change this to monday?” XD read whole of it now

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