April Cook-Off 2017

Good evening.

I’d like you to invite for CodeChef March Cook-Off that will start at 21:30 IST of 23rd April 2017 (check your time zone here) and will last 2.5 hours.

Problems are prepared by me and Hasan Jaddouh. Testers are Marek Sokołowski and Praveen Dhinwa (who is also an editorialist).
Translators: Hu Zecong, Team VNOI, Sergey Kulik (Mandarin, Vietnamese and Russian respectively).

There is no registration required, anybody with a CodeChef handle can participate.

We want cook-off contests to attract even the strongest competitors. You will be provided 5 problems, with difficulty div2-A through div1-E. We expect even the best to struggle to solve all the problems.

I wish you great fun and no frustrating bugs. See you on the leaderboard!

Additional announcement: we look for setters, testers and editorialists, especially for a setter for the coming lunchtime contest.
Fill in the form https://www.codechef.com/problemsetting/apply or reach me by PM on Codeforces.


Can anyone explain me what is the difficulty level when refereed as “div2-A through div1-E”.
Is every problem in the codechef classified as this, am i missing something, please enlighten me.

Should be related with Codeforces competitions and standings… two divisions and generally five problems on each contest (letters going from A to E). Just think that div2-A is very easy (sometimes trivial) and div1-E is very hard (just for those top programmers).

*CodeChef April Cook-Off

instead of

CodeChef March Cook-Off

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Yes, but link is of April, I think?

Yes, the link is of April.

Lazy mistake :smiley:

It´s normal to increase the rating for Cook-Off style, while decreasing your overall rating at the same time?

My overall rating is just going down :´( … no matter if I get some 250 or 90.

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