"APPROXIMATION"-This is my first problem in Codechef .How to work it out?

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this is my first problem in codechef??Is this the way to start for ICPC??
I am very weak in programming.Can i solve the questions in codechef??


This same problem is given in the practice sectionlink text look into the tutorial section.As you are new to Codechef, i will suggest you to first move to the practice section and solve some problems.
I the practice section too go into the easy section-in that too from the last question onwards.You can submit your code there.
But take care that you don’t use the compilers like Turbo C++ and the rest, which are not supported here.Then you go with the contest problems.
I am not a good programmer, but i just started 2 months before.CODECHEF is really awsome, and you can improve a lot here.I am just advising as the way some of my friends adviced me when i came to codechef.

  • I would suggest you to try simple ones first.
  • Yes, there is no special way but hardcore practice for ICPC.
  • Everybody learns to walk then eventually starts running. Hence better call yourself a learner.
  • I believe anybody can solve, if he/she is really passionate.
  • Good luck :slight_smile:

@bibinpreethy:So should i start with Practice section??


@bit_cracker007:What type of questions will appear in ICPC??


start with ones which have been solved by most people…this will give you confidence.And participate in the long contest they are quite good…PRACTICE is the key.:slight_smile:

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I think so.I told you know, I am also new to codechef.Better have some pratice over simple problems.

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“No one is born as a programmer, Conditions and interest makes in a better programmer”-this is not my law, but my professor’s law.
ICPC is not an easy event to crack.But that doesn’t mean that you can’t crack it.You need to keep in practice.Only through through practice you can crack it.But many people will drop it on the way.Hope you will not…:slight_smile:
Take help of better programmers in your college.Take programming as a passion.You too can crack ICPC.
ICPC questions can be viewed link texthere.First try with the practice problems.
“Rome was not build in a DAY!!”
:wink: Go ahead:)


Thanks for the link

You need atleast 6 months of rigorous coding before even thinking of ICPC. As a startup you should pickup any one language and build your base while solving problems on Codechef, Uva, or Spoj.

As for temporary knowledge I can tell you ,for ICPC you need inherent mathematical skills too. They ask various types of questions based on different algorithms , maths, strings etc.