Anyone else having a problem with codechef website??

I don’t know if it’s just me or it’s happening to everyone. For some reason, I can’t see any practice questions or competition question on Codechef. What should I do? If it’s just happening with me. I tried different browsers and I even tried Codechef website on my phone but still facing the same problem.

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yes,contest page is not loading.

right!! is this ever happened before?

Yes I also can’t see the problems as they are not loading properly.

I guess everyone is facing the same problem. I guess it might be fixed in a few hours

Yes, I do face the same

i am using codechef from last 3 months. but it never happend in any contest in these 3 months.

same problem.

Same here :frowning:

same here :slight_smile:

The problems are displayed in the codechef ide (code-compile and run) and on my mobile phone.


Sorry for the inconvenience. There were some updates to the site which caused some issues. It should be fixed now.


Still not working for me.!! The problem set is not loading.

its not working!!

Sir, it’s still not working.

@horcrux2301 Try clearing your browser’s cache. That worked for me.

@sdssudhu thank you so much!!

@rashi13 are you still facing this issue ?

same here!! (:

@pk301 are you still facing this issue ?