Any upcoming contests?

Hi Admin,

I am new to CodeChef and dont know much about it. Recently I have got one mail regarding ‘July Cook-Off 2014’. But I was not aware of it and missed it. So are there any upcoming contests held in next month? And please suggest me how to prepare for those contests.

Thank you.

There are 3 contests every month .

  1. Long Contest : 10 days long
  2. Short Contest : 2.5 Hrs long
  3. Lunch Time : 3 Hrs long

Nearest competition can be seen on the main page.

To prepare for the contest you can start solving question in the practise section from the easy questions .

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You can check here for future contest… and for past and present too

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Long contests always start on the first Friday of a month and Cook-Offs on the 3rd Sunday.

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Programming Contest Calendar

External contests will also start soon.