Any difference in output for Codeblocks on Windows or Ubuntu?

I have been wondering for a while that does it make any difference to the output or to anything else if I am using CODEBLOCKS on WINDOWS 7 or UBUNTU ?? I have been using c++ and a GNU GCC Compiler.
Does UBUNTU make a difference to the runtime/compile time errors I get??

Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks !

First of all Codeblocks is an IDE. The output you get is based on the compiler you use. The Codeblocks IDE itself is same in ubuntu and windows (except it feels a little bit sluggish in ubuntu). If you use GNU gcc in ubuntu and its equivalent MinGW gcc in windows, there may be some tiny differences. For example there is a bug in the way long long is input in MinGW when you use scanf("%lld", ā€¦) (use ā€œ%I64dā€).

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I believe there are a lot more difference between them lots of programs give different output/errors on d same IDE(codeblocks) on Different OS(windows,Ubuntu)!
Better to Use UBUNTU as Codechef has all the signals(SIGSEGV) or any other runtime errors sent which are actually UNIX signals!!!