answer leaked on ideone of long challenge august

well the CHEFFA question’s solution was leaked in ideone , someone solved it correctly and forgot to make the solution private. I have mailed codechef about it , but i want people to make their codechef solutions of contests private wherever they solved it.
i have written to codechef about it .i hope they will look into it.


That explains the cheating instances in that problem. They will be caught by plagiarism detector, and ratings decreased later.

bro they had a lot of time to make dummy functions and initialize a lot of unwanted stuffs.

Yup… But still I think that people can fudge codes, by writing it in other language or using variations like for to while and some other way which I personally think would be very hard to capture…no??

not possible to detect though.

still i guess peeps should be careful enough while writing their solutions on other ide’s

Will the contest be once again be unrated, this is the second time I participated in codechef contest and once again the I will not get rated, the first was july cook-off which got unrated.

no nothing of this sort wil happen , i just wrote this post so that people who code should be aware from the next time and donot make their code public ,

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My first Long contest in Codechef. Somehow I noticed that the ratings haven’t changed still, do they always take so much time ?

I think we should mail Ideone about changing its policies. Like if I am submitting code it should be private by default and no one can see my submission. This will help I guess.

First of all, how do you know this?
Secondly, Codechef clearly mentions in the rules that… If you use Ideone, make sure to mark your submission “private”… I don’t see what else they can do.


@meooow i have the link :slight_smile: and yes m not saying codechef to do anything , just asking people to mark it private :slight_smile:

So much time?? Usually it takes 1-2 days but (obviously) subject to vary.

@meooow I don’t think it is wise blaming @raj79. If he was from the ones who copied, why would he post it here?
Btw participants must be more careful about this :frowning:

@dishant_18, I don’t think I blamed anyone. I just can’t find any mention of this supposed leak anywhere and @raj79 has not provided any details, hence I am simply skeptical.


its better that we should be more careful

i actually have messaged codechef about all the solutions , i have gone through

Ohk @meooow sorry… my bad!

Ohh… Actually I didn’t know. :slight_smile:

Ideone will not change its policies because of competitive programming. Ideone focuses on a completely different target group. Why should they care about some Codechef competition?