It is good to see codechef hosting another short contest(“Lunch Time June 2013”) in the same month, that too on sunday afternoon, I hope they add it permanently to the schedule. Thanks Codechef this will help all those who are unable to attend night contest :slight_smile:


I think it is permanent, If you open ‘All contests’ it shows the name as LTIME01, which implies that there are more in future.


@banarun :thats good to know :slight_smile:

Yeah, this is a very nice initiative taken up by CodeChef.

But we must wait for the official word, meanwhile as @banarun has already stated, there is an indication of it being permanent second Short Contest.

This will be a very good opportunity for us and we won’t have to wait for July’s first friday for the next contest.

Kudos to Team CodeChef for implementing this long time pending suggestion.

Good Work guys

Looking forward to it.

@admin congratulations and kudos. Just one small query what is behind the name of this contest LUNCH TIME JUNE 2013 . Maybe any interesting story behind this.


Read more here :wink:


Gotta be something related to food, hence lunch time i guess :smiley:

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@subhamg : but we have to have our food late :wink:

@squal during the lunch time contest we will be eating the food that was ‘prepared’ during the cook off :smiley:

@subhamg it will be the best diet for coders on codechef :wink:

The mystery is over… "“Lunch Time June 2013"” is for the school students. Very good initiative taken by codechef to promote programming in school :slight_smile: all the best codechef …alt text

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