Annual Contest from Code Chef ???

Hello ,
Why does Code Chef not have an annual competition ? Such a competition will make many more people hear about Code Chef and hence much more participants and bigger Code Chef Community .
I seriously suggest that we have an annual contest on the lines of 1. Face Book Hacker Cup 2. Google Code Jam 3. Top Coder Open .
Such a contest will bring Code Chef much glory I believe .
Do let me know your views on this ?


^ I second that.

yeah its correct there should be annual contests

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Totally agree

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I believe this is something that needs to be extremely well thought and planned and eventually a new server would be needed…

Over 20,000 people attended GCJ 2012 qualification round…Which lasts for only 25 hours…

Assume each contestant attempts every single problem 3 times (more than legit)… They have 4 problems, which gives 12 submissions per user… That’s more than 240,000 submissions in only 25 hours…

On Codechef, we have 50,000/60,000 submissions in 10 days… It’s a HUGE overload… And, considering that even sometimes servers go down on cook-off’s (where submission overload is larger, but still not as big as on CGJ)… I believe that Codechef is not yet logistically ready for this step…

Also, probably, problem format and judge itself would need to be suited to such contest format…

Maybe in the long run this is possible and it would be actually really good… But, as of now, I don’t see that this is yet possible…

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seriously, that would be a great move by DirectI if it is taken up… :smiley:


@admin : I want to know what are the possible road blocks in having such a plan . 1. Is it technicalities / server side issues pointed by @kuruma OR 2. Such an event may require bigger prize and obviously such an event would have a cost associated with it which might me quite large .

totally agreed :slight_smile:
good idea (y)


Some suggestions :

  1. We can reduce the organization cost by keeping even the finals online and not onsite.
  2. The prize money for annual contest could be kept at double the prize money for monthly contest . That should not put much financial burden .
  3. The scalability of platform should really be improved if that is an issue because going forward , I sincerely wish that Code Chef grows huge .
    The reason why I made this suggestion in the first place is because most of Code Chef ( a big percentage ) are Indians and students . I want it to be more popular globally and also more popular among professionals . Though I keep telling my friends and contacts about Code Chef , if there is an annual contest I can press harder on them to begin participation .