Announcement: Regarding defamation threads

The members of discuss are reminded that any defamation thread is not allowed at discuss forum strictly. If you have any issues with some member or some report of malpractice, please mail one of the moderators (@vijju123 or @meooow) or mail codechef at their official mails.

If you feel extremely obliged to put up such a thread, please obtain permission from moderator before hand. Failing to do so, will lead to immediate deletion of thread (irrespective of validity of your claims) along with temporary suspension and/or karma penalties.

Defamation thread spoil the mood and atmosphere of discuss, hence must be reported privately to admins.

With Regards


Ahh…finally! :3

That’s great…

As already suggested by someone… Why not remove these laddu system from discuss. More than half of the discuss is full with allegations and all other nonsense. People put editorials for first 2 easy questions just for the sake of a post on discuss. Codeforces forum is much better and I don’t think people who really want to help do that for laddus.


If there are a lot of queries on this, I will try to answer them when I am a bit more free. :slight_smile:

What my basic idea is, the reason you guys feel laddus are root of all evil is because malpracticers want laddus. Eliminating laddus will eliminate malpracticers, perhaps. But should we not instead aim to eliminate malpracters first?

If malpracticers are root of evil, then you never know, some new issue will keep cropping up now and then whether laddus or not. If malpracticers are the problem, eliminate them, only then the forum will be free of all evil.

Thats my opinion :slight_smile:

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