Announcement : Noticed Malpractice in Forums

This is to inform the fellow discuss members that we noted some malpractice in the forums since past few days, and especially today. The concerned accounts are banned, and are required to submit their justification/petition to official mail id of codechef in case they want a re-appeal.

We are to remind you guys, that following forms of malpractice are strictly not allowed, and will lead to karma penalties and/or suspension of account if seen-

  • Karma Farming by asking college friends to upvote answers.
  • Karma farming by creating a fake account and using it to upvote main account.

The users are henceforth requested to abide by rules of discuss, because we will not let any instance of malpractice go unpunished.

Thanking you for the time,
With Regards


I could not figure out where to mail , I just observed two id’s getting suspended , @rachitiitr got 10 up votes within a span of a minute by @mathecodician , and @ista2000 got 6 up votes by @shreya200 within a span of minutes , suspicious karma activity here also , why are these accounts not removed? can the higher rated profile do this sort of things? these accounts should also be reported.

no threads but did not know where to keep my opinion so I kept it over here.

What do you mean by I could not figure out where to mail ? There is a full fledged contact us section on site, further I have given out my mail id for such purposes as well. Please write your concerns there itself. Posting such things publicly is not kindly looked upon by us.

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Hey @vijju123 , how do we differentiate the genuine people who upvote answers of the person from same college . May be they don’t know each other in person . Thanks !

Upvoting withing minutes is not in itself a suspicious activity. If you find a user’s profile and start browsing his posts you may find you like them.

The accounts that have been banned have been banned after careful consideration. If you have any queries mail them to

I did find out one thing though , one of my seniors answered me in one of the questions I was stuck , I accepted his answer , and just question was closed , but when vijju123 answered someone’s question and the question was not closed after the answer being accepted though , well why such differentiability? just because closing your answer which has been accepted will lead to removal of 15 karma from your account.

so new rule states that college people cannot help each other in forum . cool

(not closed even after being accepted)

(closed stating that issue has been resolved)

well u guys being moderator cannot do as u wish to.

Mail to me if you want to have a discussion on this. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t see how a question being closed or not has anything to do with malpractice. Once again, if you have queries, mail them to the provided email address.

ok well @rachitiitr did the same even at the end of August where his college friend uprooted his 10 posts , and now also , strange that just coz he has 6* to his profile , you do not speak against them.

In case you have any concerns, send them on mails instead of creating a public ruckus.

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yes u close others accepted answers’s question so that the karma of the contributors gets deleted, whereas you do not do yours coz it adds to your karma

Why do you think I would want to upvote Rachit Jain for karma. Like I am not his personal friend or anywhere close. I just felt he is doing a great job. If you say, I may even un-upvote?

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@striverlearner that’s not how karma works. Closing a question does not mean that the karma of the contributor gets deleted. It means that the thread does not need a discussion anymore and is thus closed. However, you can still upvote the question or the answer, and the respective contributors will get their karmas increased.


Seeing few people (that I know personally and have been Karma Farming) getting suspended , I can surely say that your search process for these people is working perfectly fine .

Thumbs UP.


Thanks for your appreciation dear. :slight_smile:

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It’s good to see that people are questioning stuff and debating. That’s how a good and intelligent community works and grows. But paranoia is a different thing…