Android Development

I want to learn Android Development. I tried official site but it’s hard to learn from there.
Does anyone know from where I can access video lectures or step-by-step tutorials to learn android dev.?

Go through this playlist in youtube, Very simple and clear explaination


You can find lots of pdf online, just a simple google search away. “Busy coders guide to android development” is a good text. I suggest you read from there. Official site contains all the features and variations. It is not really useful to learn. Also the vastness of Android make it really tough to read every little things. These little things are seldom used. So avoid official site and read books and blogs. I don’t recommend blogs because they are usually focusing on a specific topic and nothing more.

The best thing about android is the really good IDE “android studio”. So you don’t really need to remember any functions and prototypes. The IDE will help you there.

I prefer books to read. But if you learn more from video, youtube is the best source. Since I like books, I haven’t checked youtube site. Check out lordshiva1996’s answer for that.

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Try ( or udacity’s android developer course …
These sites provide video lectures on android development in a sequential manner and gives step by step guide

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I would recommend Udacity’s courses. They are absolutely free and very good and interactive… The courses provide a step by step guide with quizzes and programming assignments to assess yourself. There are a number of courses. You can choose anyone depending on your proficiency. If you are a beginner go for these:





If you are interested in learning more advanced topics there are more courses on specific topics. Have a look at the Udacity home page:

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It’s free trial for 14 days only.

Udacity android beginner course is best. Also it has been created by google itself and instructors are highly interactive.

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Have you attended the beginner course?I think It’s trial is free for 14 days.After that, we gotta pay to access full course.

Click on “Access Course Materials”. You will be get everything except a verified certificate and direct help from instructors.

I am also new to Android world and had began my journey with these websites. I would suggest you to go through these links.




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Yep…i have taken that course and its absolutely free. You need to pay only if u want a verified certificate.

Android + OpenGL ES may be the way forward with video games/pics programming. There are a number of tutorials available, but Java + OpenGL might be more documented. If you analyze that for desktop software, take what you discover ways to android and matters will make greater sense whilst following extra vague/complicated records. Assignment Doer

You will not find anything better than this

This channel will take from a beginner to intermediate level

udacity lecture is the best lecture of android

You can go for udacity android developer courses on their site or You can refer to Head First Android Development book/pdf for basics. It is good, stuff is explained in an easy manner.

try form here.It is very simple to understand

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