AND Rounds - Wrong Answer

I am trying to solve AND Rounds or Here is my approach.

Let the original array be A[N] and the final array be C[N].

(1) If 2*K+1 >= N, then C[i] = bitwise AND of all elements of A, for all i.

(2) Otherwise, C[i] = bitwise AND of 2*K+1 elements of A (centered at index i) i.e.

C[i] = bitwise AND of (A[i-K], A[i-K+1],…,A[i-1], A[i], A[i+1],…, A[i+K-1], A[i+K]) where the indexes are circular.

To implement this, I have constructed another array B to handle the circularity.
Let B = A’+A+A, where A’ = reverse of A. Now, I have used a segment tree built on top of array B to compute the bitwise AND of a range of elements.

I am getting Wrong Answer. Is there anything fundamentally wrong in this approach?

Here is my code -