An undergrade problem in practice section

So as it would happen, I am a new coder here and am practicing problems from ‘Practice’ section starting off from ‘Beginner’ level. And that’s when I bumped into this problem : START01.

Although I know the motivation behind putting up this problem may have been noble (and lazy), I feel that this problem is too much undergrade for a platform like CodeChef. This would not give anyone a programming exercise and frankly speaking, we used to practice these problems in 5th or 6th grade.

So, I’d like to propose that this problem be put down from the site. Rest is up to @admin.

Such kind of problems are for the very beginners, i.e. the ones who need to make themselves comfortable with the i/o of online judges.

For example sometimes beginners put in several statements like “input value of n” and other such stuff, so it’s for them to get going with the basics of online judge and how to use it.

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@shraeyas, I completely understand your point. Its just that I feel that there are other problems (like SERVANT and FLOW001) too in the ‘Beginner’ level which can provide for the same and which asks for more than “just inputting a number and print it”. I feel like the problem is still an undergrade for a platform like CodeChef.

Well, what @jjtomar points out is correct, that “such a problem is way too undergrade for a platform like CodeChef”. However, so are many other problems in the Beginner section (like FLOW007 or FLOW004) which might seem way too easy.

The thing to remember here is the motivation behind the platform such as CodeChef. It’s primary aim was to promote programming among school students. Now, students as young as 11 years old are trying their hands on programming. And they want them to learn things in a fun way. What could be a better way than letting them try such easy problems and getting the green tick (which we all love so much) appear on their screen? And green ticks (AC solutions) do add up to our motivations, right?

So your concern that such problems are way too easy is correct. However there is a reason why they are placed in the “Beginner” section and that too placed so down in the list (more number of submissions).


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i guess i concede your point.

Are you saying that students in 5th or 6th grade can’t be on codechef?

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