An Interesting Game

I just got an idea of playing a game which can be quite fruitful for us as well as it would be fun. So the name of the game is Crack It and rules of the game is to be honest to ourselves and crack a question which I will ask. You may take your time to come up to the solution and then you can send your solutions at I would recommend not to post answers at the question as this might make others biased and motive of this game is to get maximum solutions. Also number of persons who have solved the problem and their names would be revealed at the end of the day. I have felt that many people get disheartened if a problem is being solved by many and they are not able to solve and this decreases their throughput. Though I have seen many people who take it positively also.I would suggest not to search the problems on internet or asking someone as this will be unfair to you only. No prizes or anything for the game except the joy which you get to crack a problem at your own. I will publish the names of winners and detailed solution.

Just a thought as this might be fun and learning game. Suggestions to improve the game to get maximum participation and maximum knowledge building are welcomed. I just wanted to have feedbacks from you all and if we can get anything from the game then why not give it a shot. What do you guys think about this?

Your game worked! We found another spammer.

P.s. Not trying to ridicule your idea, but it seems to have failed to garner much attention. However, we did find a potential spammer :stuck_out_tongue:

Well its cool that we found a potential spammer :stuck_out_tongue: