Ambiguity in Long Rankings

I want to share the ratings of 2 people mine and another friend of mine:

My previous rating was 5902

Friends previous rating 4827

we both solved 6 problems in OCT LONG,

My new rating is 6206

Friends new rating 6636

now my friends rating changed by 1800 and mine changed by 300

can someone explain this to me…

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Have you read the recent blog titled “The Cheating Cases Saga” ? I am quoting few lines from the blog: “So, we thought we will go by some benchmarks and block and reduce the rating points of those people whose solutions match other solutions by greater than a certain %age.”

That is because ratings depend upon how others with the same rating performed.

say my rating is 1500 and some other person has say 2000.

Now, my performance will be compared with peers who have a rating close to me and your performance will be compared to peers who have rating close to yours. On the basis of that comparison our ratings will be changed and it might happen that :

increase in my rating + my old rating BECOMES > increase in your rating + your old rating , because may be i performed relatively much better than peers with similar rating as mine.

(I think this is the reason. I am not completely sure)

@h9k6 thats for those who have been caught in cheating cases however neither of us have been caught cheating, our accounts are live and active also those who have been caught for cheating dont have the OCT14 solved problems on their home page

for ex. he submitted problems but his home page dosent show it

i dont think thats correct because consider keshav’s profile he scored 5.9 and his earlier rating was 7300 and now it became 8300 thats a change of 100 points now its highly unlikely that people with such ratings (7300) couldnt even solve 5 questions (and thus his rating shot up)