All these posts about cheating!

I strongly condemn cheating myself, but I find it extremely distasteful to discuss the matter in an open forum. Especially the exact kind of “finger pointing” that seems rampant in the discuss forums.

Even Topcoder follows the policy - probably not official - of not “finger pointing” on the forums.

The simple reason is… there is never anything to discuss.

  • Yes, someone made a mistake of cheating.
  • Yes, you caught them red handed.
  • Why the humiliation in the forum?
  • It never makes anybody feel better about themselves.
  • If all you’re looking for is social confirmation that you did indeed catch someone cheating, why not leave that judgement up to the admins?

The CodeChef admins are quite comfortable with using MOSS (which is very accurate in detecting plagiarism). They are also very strict about cheating and do ban accounts and stuff when such incidences are reported over

I think CodeCheffers should also restrain from posting such in the discuss forums.


@gamabunta. Agreed
Nowadays, It seems that the codechef discuss forum is made for discussing cheaters, not for discussing algorithmic problems. The discussion forum is made for discussing doubts and reading editorials.
It is not a Court where we caught cheaters, and feel themself as a CBI officer. The codechef admins are very active for cheating cases.

@All users who catch cheaters, they can mail to admin the solutions, rather than discussing publicly in the discussion forum. Please don’t spam this forum.

PS Even i am against cheating but i guess we have other more important things to do, because this isn’t helping anyone here. So lets keep faith on admin and keep CODING and improving ourselves :slight_smile:


Thanks @gamabunta. Personally, I didn’t know that cheating cases can be reported through mail. Thanks for putting this up! :slight_smile: