Why do all the questions have same points? Like i mean how a cake-walk problem points can be equal to Hard problem points…Don’t you think it’s unjustified?


I think you are talking about partial marking system that what codeforces do. Yup! it would be awesome if codechef will also follow that rule. I am totally agree with you

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Ah! I get where you’re going.

You are suggesting that harder problems should be carrying more weightage than easier problems, (just like contests on, where easy problems have 10-20 points, medium has 30-50, hard 50-70 & etc.)

Yup, it seems logical to me that solving a harder problem should be more generously rewarded. The suggestion is nice. If codechef doesn’t have a special reason to make all problems have equal weightage, then I think this suggestion can be easily implemented.

Lets see what @admin have to say on this. :slight_smile:

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They have clearly mentioned that the cook off is organised on the lines of ACM ICPC ,where each question fetches you 1 point or none.


And what about long? Can you confirm about long too? :slight_smile:

For cook-offs the intended style is like ICPC where each question is worth 1 point, as @coderprady has said, so the difficulty-wise point system is out of the question.
In a long challenge a programmer who solves a hard problem will also in all probability be able to solve comparatively easier problems. So problems with different scores don’t really have much impact, as the only result would be an increased score gap between programmers of different levels without affecting the ranks. So in my opinion such a system is not really worth it.


Yes, that’s true. The score gap would increase. I see your PoV. Thanks for sharing it! :slight_smile:

It is important that newbie programmers and learners stay motivated and inspired to code and learn more. A scoreboard that says the winner has 9000 points and he/she has 400 points may not(effectively) inspire him, as much as saying the winner solved 5 questions while he/she managed to solve 1. Thats the true spirit of ICPC, to induce learning and to motivate everyone. Its thoroughly justified.

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