ok i am more of a newbie… i have solved many problems both practise and contest(i try) but all looks like easy ones. high time now i need to learn algorithms. well there are many places where we have the theories but well i want theories+examples. if some algorithm is explained an example should also be there… even topcoder tutorials are also theories!! please help… cant survive without algorithms… any book or link?? pls…
thank you.


If all problems seems to be easy for you, well, congratulations!

There is actually CodeChef June Long contest running, you can try to solve these problems and you will see if they are easy or not :wink: If you solve all these problems, you know a lot about algorithms.


I don’t know how useful this will be, but with learning algorithms, I got a huge help from this website It’s written in russian though. Hope it helps anyway.

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Even i also don’t know. To solve this problem, you have to know all about algorithms !

@belista- sir i meant the problems that i have solved are easy. not al otherwise i wudnt need to ask the question :slight_smile:

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@rame- thanks a lot sir. kindly suggest anything else that you have! :slight_smile:

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sorry, in such case I misunderstood your post :wink:

I know one more great website. It has 6 sections, and about 100+ problems. They’re are also algorithms before the problems, that appeared really useful. Hope this helps.

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algotithms … haha … nice word

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