Algorithms for day to day needs

I know that we are humans and not machines, our way of thinking is different. But suddenly something striked my mind, are there any algorithms that we can apply in our day to day life. I did some quick googling and came across few informative links

What do you think that you use a algorithm in your daily life, explain your scenarios.

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Math is tough to learn till you solve the problems on the notebook or see in the research papers.

If you want to learn mathematics apply it in real world ,you will learn it in very less time.Now you are thinking of how you can use differentiation and integration then please study real-time network algorithms.

Now come to your point how to learn math required for algorithm. Actually there is not any specific branch of mathematics that deals with algorithm but for initial stages learn relational algebra, probability and boolean algebra.

Learn recurrence relation for recursion.

It is more than enough to understand any algorithm.

Now on a serious note if you seriously want to learn math for algorithm then choose your field where you want to work then according to that learn that branch of mathematics you will get benefitted for example if you want to learn digital image processing, learn probability,statistics and like so.


Hey sai_praneeth,

Take a look at this :


yeah! algorithm is nothing but step by step procedure generally we do our daily activities in step by step procedure like waking early in the morning brushing your teeth having your breakfast so algorithm is developed on the basis of day to day activities .

Hi…I just thought of this. There is this Garbage collection algorithm called Mark and Sweep Collection. A Garbage collection algorithm removes unwanted objects (or no longer used objects) from the memory so that they don’t waste precious space. This algorithm operates in two phases: 1.Mark 2. Sweep. What it does is, it basically scans the heap section of the memory and labels all the reachable nodes with a Mark Bit (MB) value 1. This is the first phase. In the second phase (Sweep phase), it just clears out all the nodes that are still with MB value 0. Similarly, when we are organising say for example our book shelf, we first go through the entire contents of the shelf and make a map of wanted and unwanted books, assignment papers etc. In other words, we MARK first. Then the unwanted stuff, we sell it off or give it to someone. In other words, we SWEEP. When we think of stuff like these, we actually get to feel the intuitiveness of the algorithm. Thanks.


in our daily life algorithm is in our working schedule like for example you have to do a particular work at a definite time for a definite period (DECISION MAKING).
Take a look at this you will better understand algorithms in daily life explained by Brian christian author of book ALGORITHMS TO LIVE BY.