algorithms and lessons for new in programming

I am still learning programming and I know such thing as DP exist with all of those many algorithms within it, but I want to know what are the lessons and algorithms suited for a beginner to learn, atleast to have a foundation about programming. I would like to ask the topics and algorithms, even they are not elaborated or explained(although you can if you want:D), if not, I’ll be the one to look for it. I would like to have some tips too :slight_smile:

Im using c++ as a programming language. Thanks in advance

This link elaborately covers almost all the topics that exist in Competitive Programming

You can cover the topics according to your convenience.

The only one tip I would like to give is that practice makes you perfect!


The above link provided by @eashaaniitkgp is the most relevant one. It provides almost all topics that are supposed to be done for mastering the competitive programming. Also, if you are a beginner, I’d suggest don’t go to any topic learning it just randomly. Plan your time and start learning. This is not something, like you can finish your topic completely once you do it. But what I mean by planning is, learn the basic concepts of the topic you’re learning and then practise questions related to that. They’ll themseleves lead to other efficient algorithms and data structures. Also, you can search for specific threads on codechef, like this one for dp.

Happy coding… :slight_smile:

Check this link:
It briefly elaborates what needs to be done by a new programmer before starting competitive online programming.
I will also recommend you to first select a programming language of your choice… and practice some fundamental programs before jumping to online coding.