Algorithmic problems

I am doing competitive programming since last 4 months.I have solved about 75 Ad-hoc problems on codechef and spoj.Now i want to learn some important algos and implement them.But i am finding it difficult.I am only comfortable with ad-hocs.I have read topcoder tutorials but i am finding those tutorials difficult.Please help me how shall i go about it ?..if you can please give link to some easy and good tutorials.Thanks in advance.

Try to solve past contest(long/short) problems, if you don’t get the idea,take a look at the editorials. From these editorials you will learn a lot.


This is a link to a similar question.
I hope this helps:

Alright! Here I go:





These are a few sites that should tell you about the well used algorithms. But just knowing them isn’t enough. You should be well versed on how to apply! And that will only come with practice my friend.

Have a look at this link for sure:

Dont forget to learn from editorials in case you are unable to solve a problem from some challenge!
And don’t worry! Give yourself time. You will do just fine!

Happy Coding! :slight_smile: