algorithm development

HELLO, I am a student and I recently joined codechef. I am a beginner and I code in C++. I know basic level C++, but I am not able to solve problem or create an algorithm. So is there anyone who can help me in teaching algorithm development. So that, I can also solve codechef problems like others.

Thank you!

Watch tutorials on algorithms and practice them a lot to improve your coding skills.

These is the link where you can learn algorithms in detail

No one else is going to “teach” you here except you. But people are here to help you. If you have doubts ask here and community will always be there to respond to you. Since you are a beginner I would recommend you to start with the easy problem and try to get AC in a single try. Initially, if you are not able to solve problems, it’s OK.

Since you know basic C++, it’s time to learn something new. Try out STL (Standard Template Library). It will help in the easy implementation of a complex problem. Once you are comfortable you will learn the rest yourself :slight_smile:

Here are two links where I learned the basics:

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