Aiming for IOI

Hello Everybody … i am new to code chef and i just want to taste the waters at IOI . So if could please help me with what to learn and how to learn to at least compete in the IOI ( I am not wanting gold ) i just want to learn programming to the fullest and compete at the IOI … So Please help me

Practice the Problems given in codechef, they will help you. You should probably start with the easy problems and after lots of Practice, try the harder ones ( I’d advice to start with the easy problems with the most number of successful submissions ). There are contests in codechef as well, try participating in them. With lots of practice, you will get used to programming and can think of which algorithm to use or how to create a new one.

Cheers… Hope you find this helpful.


Trust me Practise problems are fine ,but not that helpful . I too started programming from December . I faced 2 major problems.
1)Didnt knew c++ much .

2)Didnt knew algorithms .

It took me tons of time thinking what to do when and i ended up wasting more than 15-20 days . Then some experts guided me to the way . I am just telling from my experience .

1)Register on (There are very good posts about programming and other important stuffs from all people who have done will in ioi and represented their respective country . You learn a lot.

2) . They are the best for basics . They tell you a lot about algorithms in a basic way . Some fine books are mentioned there too . I loved the one Algorithms,S dasgupta .

3)For c++ use website the algorithms stl .

4)ALWAYS PARTICIPATE IN LONG CHALLENGE OF CODECHEF as well as other codechef concepts . They are the best things you need to. You learn a lot . Even if u see easy problems do it Try to do it in very less time .

Cheers …Hope it suits what you need

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Thank You Guys