After how many easy questions should one move to medium problems?

I am a novice and am able to do easy problem with not really much time but am not able to do any medium problem no matter how easy they are .After how many easy questions should one move to medium problems?

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Dont do easy questions if they arent challenging enough for you. start away with medium questions .


Dont be afraid of the names of questions medium or hard, but do the problems that makes you programming


One need not solve a finite number of easy questions to go to Medium Level.

Try out easy questions which have less Accuracy. Those might be challenging. Once you feel comfortable about solving easy questions, you can move on to Medium Level.


Easy problem only increase your typing speed .
Set accuracy level of question and do it in first attempt .


Always solve something which is challenging enough for you :smiley: !


There is no general answer for your question. Some are fast learner and some may take little bit more time. First concentrate on solving easy problem in C to sharp your programing language fundamentals clear. Solving fundamental questions will give you enough experience to attempt medium questions later.